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Los EE.UU. están perdiendo la guerra contra el Terror y la batalla de las ideas

27 Jun 2006, by Quiñonero, Categories: EE.UU, Terror, Estrategia

Washington está perdiendo la guerra contra el Terror, a juicio de un centenar de especialistas consultados por Foreing Policy.

¿Cuáles son la principales que hoy amenazan la seguridad de la única superpotencia planetaria..? De entrada, la derrota en curso en el terreno de las ideas.

Follow up:

En el terreno militar, estratégico:

● 47 % de los consultados temen la proliferación nuclear.
● 32 % temen potenciales ataques de Al Qaida.
● 13 % denuncian las políticas de la administración Bush.
● 9 % temen la prolongación de la guerra de Irak y la crisis de Oriente Medio.
● 5 % temen la decadencia económica.
● 4 % temen la amenaza iraní.
● 3 % temen la dependencia energética.

Quizá sea significativo este comentario sobre el fracaso de la guerra de las ideas:

These conclusions about the United States’ performance in the war thus far are all the more troubling considering that, although Americans appear to be growing tired of the war on terror, the index’s experts appear to believe that the battle has just begun. Accordingly, a majority agrees that the war requires more emphasis on a victory of ideas, not just guns. That is hardly surprising, considering that nearly 80 percent believe a widespread rejection of radical ideologies in the Islamic world is a critical element to victory. To win the battle of ideas, the experts say, America must place a much higher emphasis on its nonmilitary tools. More than two thirds say that U.S. policymakers must strengthen the United Nations and other multilateral institutions. At the same time, the experts indicate that the U.S. government must think more creatively about threats. Asked what presents the single greatest danger to U.S. national security, nearly half said loose nukes and other weapons of mass destruction, while just one third said al Qaeda and terrorism, and a mere 4 percent said Iran. Five years after the attacks of September 11, it’s a reminder that the greatest challenges may still lie ahead”.


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